Diesel in Petrol Car?

I've filled my petrol car with diesel, what do I do?

Do not start the engine and do not panic! Call us 24 hours on 0800 193 1103.

Once our van arrives our fully trained operators will handle everything. Generally this involves liaising with the forecourt staff and moving the vehicle to a safe location before removing the diesel fuel.

How long does a fuel drain take?

Most fuel drains are completed in under 1 Hour.

It varies depending on the vehicle. The fuel tank design, fuel system design and if the vehicle has been driven all influence the time taken to perform a drain.

Will my insurance cover the cost

The majority of policies will not cover accidental misfueling. Unless you have a specific clause in your contract to cover misfueling it is very unlikely you are covered.

Can I damage my car?

Yes. Petrol burns hotter than diesel and will not lubricate the engine and fuel system as diesel will. Sufficient quantities of petrol can damage anything from the fuel pump to parts in the fuel deliver system, the engine itself and the exhaust gasses can even damage the catalytic converter.

How much of the incorrect fuel can I fill with safely?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends heavily on the engine and fuel system involved. In our experience if the quantity of wrong fuel is no more than a few litres it will not cause a noticeable problem. Provided you dilute the incorrect fuel as much as possible by filling the tank with the correct fuel before starting the engine.

What do you do with the drained fuel?

At Wrong Fuel Recovery we handle waste fuel in an environmentally safe and responsible manor. We are registered with the environment agency as hazardous waste producers and carriers. We have an auditable paper trail to demonstrate waste fuel is disposed of responsibly.

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